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to writing a report about a market that no longer exists on its own because brad pitt encompasses wireless, wireline satellite, a host of technologies. google has gotten into the game. you get a report that may not be useful for policymakers. we want to make sure the sec is going to fix itself and wake up. a fanciful. the directional have to come from congress with a new landscape. >> hal singer, one of the policy proposals he put in "the need for speed" is curbed the sec's merger authority over wireless transitions. why is that important? >> is broader than not. wireless is one of the most critical areas of which they have merger authority, but also the cable space. the sec weighed in on comcast sec's merger. the problem here is a budgetary problem. a second probably see as one solid trust issues are taken care of that of the federal trade commission, the question is what is the sec during the second duplicative review? we see some bad things happening. there's no bad actors. what the sec is any position to do is give competitors who complain the loudest and economists have a fancy word f
we've got coming out. we have brad pitt, and here is brad pitt for you." so i think, obviously they have a lot of hope this summer, and over the next few weeks we will sort of look and see, break down sort of by studio what they have to look forward to, and hopefully maybe warner bros. can get out of their rut. is universal going to continue their streak with "mama," "identity thief" and now "oblivion?" we will see what they have coming up, too. so there are a lot of things to talk about over the next few weeks. - other than "hangover 3." - yes. though it'll make money, but it will probably be horrible. - thanks a lot, erik. have a good weekend. - thank you. coming up, investors are becoming 'very nervous' about apple ahead of earnings. the reasons, after the break. and there's a big advantage parents can give their kids -- making sure they get active at least 60 minutes each day. studies show that physical activity not only helps kids stay healthy, it can enhance important skills, like concentration and problem solving, which can improve academic performance. this means physic
of his concerts. she spoke no english, he spoke no spanish. >> she walked with rodrigo. he makes brad pitt look like a fat turd. this is just great. the woman of my dreams and her disgustingly gorgeous husband or boyfriend. he looked at me and said no, we are not a couple. we are not together. we're friends. he said she leak likes you. she was on the pho wh her mother saying in spanish, i've come to meet michael buble and this dude is gay. >> reporter: that impression didn't last long and she soon appeared in his video "i just haven't met you yet." >> i married my mother. i married the most wonderful, compassionate, loving, tough, tough woman. i think a strong woman makes you a way stronger man, i really do. the funny thing is henry knows it, too. even if he's not admitting it. inside henry is going, eh. >> there have been very strong men in his life, too. his father and his grandfather who he calls his idol. >> i look at them and i go, they are true gentlemen, really. as i'm having this baby, you know, it's a little boy. i just keep thinking god, i hope that i can be as good as my g
at the circus. they get the most attention and that's what he's paid to do. >> brad pitt was in the nation's capital and everyone found out about it because of congressman eric cantor. the house majority leader tweeted this photo of himself with the hollywood a-lister during an awards gala at constitution hall. >>> beyonce and jay-z's recent getaway to cuba could be under federal investigation. u.s. law prohibits americans traveling to the island unless authorized by a specific license. well, two congressional republicans want to know the exact license given to the power couple or could be in violation of a statute which is punishable by ten years in prison or a $250,000 fine. >>> vice president joe biden will not be joining president obama in taking a voluntary pay cut to show solidarity for furloughed workers, that is. his office says the vp will give back part of his $230,000 annual salary if and when his own staff is affected by the sequester. >>> scott brown raised some eyebrows last week when he publicly flirted with the idea of running for the senate from new hampshire. well, now a
down this weekend. rebel wilson, who debuted in bridesmaids amd loved her in pitch perfect. brad pitt is going to be there, kim kardashian, zach efron. brad pitt at the mtv awards? it will be great. >> and the battle teams on "the voice." >> next week two players from the same team will go head to head and it will be up to the coaches to see who moves on. >> you've got to choose between your babies. >> what do you think of the combo of the hosts together? >> i like it. it's a new breed of people. it's a good change, in my opinion. i really, really honestly enjoy the show this year. >> now ryan seacrest, your pal, had an issue with one of those s.w.a.t. rolls that went up to his house. >> let's not give them the information, never mind. >> the more we talk about this, the more people are doing it, in my opinion. there was a report that the people -- armed men, we're going into his home yesterday. there was a security guard the police got there. security guard was like hey, everything is fine and the police contacted ryan and he said that everything was fine. a laundry list of stars, th
relations challenge after another. >> that's right. this morning, brad pitt and memorable appearance at the mtv music award. we'll bring you all the breakout moments. >> the very heroic act in a school cafeteria. what a 7-year-old did to save his best friend's life. you may predict they'll be best friend forever. you are watching "world news now." ♪ your masquerade >> announcer: "world news now" brought to you by finish quantum powerball. ♪ everyone deserves a chance s. ... and it's spreading all across america. quantum with new power gel delivers amazing clean and shine, even in the hardest water, which cascade just can't do. take the finish shine challenge with quantum. voted product of the year by consumers ! woolite everyday, cleans your jeans and won't torture your tanks. woolite washed clothes look like new, longer. to ask tough questions and get the truth. unfortunately, my hair and all i do to make it broadcast ready can't take the heat. good thing i uncovered head & shoulders damage rescue. it rescued my scalp, and saved my hair. with seven benefits, damage rescue reliev
cantor tweeted out this picture, just hanging out with actor brad pitt. he wrote, at the dinner with my wife, diana, and brad pitt, celebrating the pursuit of the american dream. >>> condoleezza rice wearing the green jacket with phil mickelson yesterday. not bad. mickelson told reporters it was a great experience to play with rice. she kept asking about the course and i kept asking her about countries. it was really fun. and she really can putt. s to sae businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income taxes to the lowest rate in sixty years, and we're creating tax free zones for business startups. the new new york is working creating tens of thousands of new businesses, and we're just getting started. to grow or start your business visit none of us think bad things are gonna happen to us. i'm here at my house on thanksgiving day, and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. an artery in your heart, it's called the widow maker. and mine was 95% blocked. they took me to the hospital, and the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen.
. the jewelry maker designed the engagement ring brad pitt gave her last year. the jewelry will go on sale thursday through a jeweler in kansas city. >> disney pixar's big announcement plus, heidi klum to the rescue its all on today's on the red carpet report. >> today top story is out in hawaii. heidi klum being hailed a hero. reporters say she rescued her 7-year-old son and two nannies when swept out to sea in a rip tide. the ocean safety division said it might send klum a merit award. she's shared photos like this one with the word peaceful then got festive sunday post this picture, wishing everyone a happy easter, actress libdzy lohan is setting records straight but this time for a rumor she started herself. she told the world she was pregnant causing a media frensy but this morning she deleted the tweet writing april fool's. where is everyone's sense of humor? >> just keep swimming. swimming swimming. >> the ocean's most forgetful fish making a return to the big skreechblt a finding nemo sequel called "finding dori". ellen degeneres will return as dori and writing it's official. for m
was alternating for that character. any idea who willpeckerman? who would you like to? >> brad pitt. >> i knew that was your answer. [laughter] >> thank god it is radio. >> alan is the film guy. >> i just hope this does better than the last time i had a book that was going to be a movie. i am not sure i want to be connected with it an alan zweibel film. a number of years ago, our son adam was about seven years old. he was at that age
. this chinatown battle scene from "men in black 3" was cut entirely. even brad pitt's thriller world warm z had to tailor its script to fit. the film's undead epidemic originated in china. but that plot point had to be changed, because as we all know now, china is where american blockbusters are coming back to life. you can catch "ironman 3" in theaters may 3er. jake tapper, cnn, washington. >> i guess we'll go see about t. >> catch up on the or two first. >>> superstar in soccer, david beckham, he's going to talk to cnn next. >>> and of course he's talking about things like being a parent, why he lets his kids do 99% of what they want to do. not my family. >> not mine either. i wonder if posh makes them. c >>> japanese airline a&a is training its pilots to resume flying a boeing dreamliner. >> this comes after batteries, remember that, overheating on an a&a back in january and also overheated on a japan airlines jet. >> all 50 dreamliners were grounded. halfway through the test, it hopes to begin flights again in just a couple of weeks. >>> now as with many sports, soccer has had its issues w
movie awards. brad pitt had the honor of top prize, the movie of year, take a listen. predict the startling accuracy the winner of this years award. ha! marvel's at vengers. [cheers and applause] the show hoafts were double winner. usually are. >> come up fashion for a cause. >> i big hollywood names give u a preview of a star studded show set to take place right here in d.c. we'll have that after the break. >> on this day back in 1947 194 jackie robinson made his major league debut with the brooklyn dodgers. as the first african-american a baseball player of modernfr erae opened doors for minority athletes everywhere. as we honor jackie robinson day today we're looking back at a legacy that still lives on. joining us live from new york is the president and chief executive officer of the jackie robinson foundation. thank you very much for joining thus morning. let's talk about this day. it is being marked in a numberin of ways. all the major league baseball b teams will be wearing the number 42 today. of course, we have the debut of the film 42 this weekend which i would imagi
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to make changes to get a bigger piece of that fast-growing market. paramount tweeted this upcoming brad pitt film called "world war z" so the origin of zombies does not point to china. it could appeal to china's powerful film board. and they're working with china's movie channel to promote the fourth "transformers" movie. after "transformers" three grossed $165 million in the country. this comes after disney's marvel announced friday it will release a chinese version of "ironman 3" in collaboration with dmg, featuring an appearance by china's biggest actress. and when film district released its "red dawn" remake in november, it switched the villains from chinese to north korean soldiers. of course, china's not alone in looking to make -- hollywood's not alone in looking the to make china happy. yesterday, apple ceo tim cook apologized to chinese consumers for warranty and customer service issues, saying they would not happen again. of course, maria, none of this is a surprise considering that china is one of the fastest growing markets, both for electronics products like apple and for m
on scott hattieberg and michael lewis and brad pitt forgot they had three great pitchers on the team. but if you have pitching and that's what the nationals have. the nationals have good pitching. >> strasburg. >> if you have good pitching it goes a long way in baseball it keeps you in the games, a clutch hit here and there and all of a sudden you can have a great year. >> do you think that barry bonds will make it into the hall of fame? >> a-rod? >> i don't think he'll make it. >> what about pettis, a guy who admits to very minimum steroid use, is well regard and a sterling reputation, he could be a hall of famer. is it a strong line, if you have a taint of steroids. >> i don't know if he's hall of famer anyway. >> he's borderline. i think if you have steroids connected to your name, you won't make the hall of fame. i think a lot of people were surprised that both clements and bonds got very low votes. >> clements got 37.6 and bonds, 36.6. >> how about that for numbers? >> good stuff. >> so lauf is still a pure scenario. and i was, i did a panel on mlb network, i thought nobody shou
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as we're quickly getting it out and and you'll see brad pitt editing "world war z" with his people. >> rose: so they're all on the lot working. >> the idea is that they're all with us and we're trying to make sure that we're nurturing their ideas. we also buy scripts and we buy books and we do the best we can in terms of developing on our own. but i think it's just about taking a look at the best in talent, trying to find fertile that they're interested in and working together would-to-make it everything it can be. >> do you have somebody you desperately want to work for you? either an actor or director. >> i've been very fortunate. i'd be in -- there's nobody that i can think of that i can say i'm desperate to work with. i'm desperate to work with all of them. the next picture we're working son the first time -- which is very, very exciting-- is we're making chris nolan's next movie. he made "batman" and he's made some of our greatest big sci-fi pictures but he's making a picture for us called "interstellar." and that will be out for 2014. >> rose: that's a big movie? >> very big.
released in china. >> what is going on? >> even brad pitt's upcoming thriller had to tailor its script to fit. at first, the film's undead epidemic originated in china, but that plot point had to be changed because, as we all know now, china is actually where american blockbusters are coming back to life. and "iron man 3" opens in theaters on may 3rd. a record setting night for three hit shows, "game of thrones," "the bible" and "the walking dead." more than 12 million people tuned into the season finale of the walking dead on amc, but everyone is talking about the sleeper hit of the easter season "the bible," ma miniseries finale scored more than 11 million viewers, despite going up against another heavy hitter, hbo'ses "game of thrones," that fantasy drama pulled in 4.4 million viewers. >>> coming up -- was there a little part of you that heard about a new bacon mouth wash and thought, man, that sounds good? not me. i definitely did not think that. on this april fool's, we take a look at the fake news that made headlines. that's our buried lead, and that's next. [ woman ] we had two
for these three. will smith, brad pitt and johnny depp. they rule. the new cable network axf-tv will post huffington post live on the channel to allow comments from yahoos w aren't famous or interesting enough to get their own. cheryl: after last week's gain of almost 6%, oil continues to rise today. let's head to phil and on the data today and more on friday with the job reports, that has to make oil traders a little nervous as we go into the new week. intl >> it does. it does. the market is convinced we'll see more stimulus out of the euro this week. that is the play right now. that is why we're buying the oil. we're following the euro up. we're following the dollar down. makes oil more attractive. what's very interesting, if you look at the oil and look at the spread, it was never supposed to come in again but right now it's under $10, the different above wti. wti could regain its momentum as the global benchmark because the united states is going to be the world's biggest consumer as well as the biggest producer. so that's really a big thing in play today. but if you look at the sprea
'! america runs on dunkin' coffee. >>> well, the m t.v. movie awards were held last night. >>> brad pitt had the honor honr renouncing the top prize are,, e movie of the year. the year. >>> i will now predict the startling accrue see see of thef winner of this year's award. >> marvelous, the the avengersn >> it took the best fight and the best villain for actor tom holtlhuddleston.h >>> silver lining collectedcolld three trophies, jenniferes, jenf lawrence were each double winners. winn fox's wins including the generation award for his career in film, and will ferrell had the crowd roaring when he he accepted the comedic genius award in a money suit.. >> for those of you who enjoy ey what i do, thank you for your support. for those of you who are sittin here tonight who don't think i'm funny, i will be happy to fight you in the par parking lot aftee show. my friend peter has geniusly offered to fight anyone who shows up to the death. death. >> the m t.v. movie awards are seen as the kickoff to the next summer movie season. >> funny moments during last night. >>> beaking of movies a baseball
. >> hot. >> the commercial. a lot like the old spice guy. >> whoa. >> hello, you, as brad pitt. how sexy. >> the dos x guy -- the most interesting guy in the world -- i don't always drink beer. >> not as zesty as the zesty guy. >> keeps his clothes on but he is cool. >> announcer: more americans choose abc news to see the whole >>> this morning on "world news now" -- developing story from colorado. where investigators may have a break in a high-profile murder case. >> new leads in the cold-blooded shooting death of colorado's prison chief and why police are sending out serious warnings. it's thursday, april 4th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >>> and good morning. we are going to get to the latest details in the developing story from colorado. what led investigators to the new lead. >>> another major headline. the latest nuclear threats from north korea, the provocations and military response from the american military. but observers are asking with all this talk about war will there be action from north korea? >>> and then to an a
, you got brad pitt. denzel goes down, we got -- we don't have that authority to say to america this is not what defines us. part of the privilege of whiteness is not to understand the person who does something wrong, you don't have to go on television. black people apologize for, apologize, even the president has to apologize for black people. >> i want to go the arguments you made. i had this opportunity to sit down with diane nash, one of the founding members of an organization, an absolute philosopher of nonviolence. >> she's amazing. >> it was useful to me in the context of this week and everything going on, because of the argument you just made that the response to violence is the thing that defines who we are, that it's not -- it is not being victimized by the violence, but how we respond and so this is our moment as a nation to figure out who we are, how we respond to these. >> that's such a great point. think about it. if african-american people specifically, black people had responded with vicious, violent rhetoric or assaulted the dominant culture, we would have had a
dental coverage. but it does not require that other than coverage for children. host: brad pitt in north carolina, a democrat. caller: i hear these republicans calling in and talking about what a big welfare programs this is. rebuffedear anybody them with the amount of added costs and personnel to go to an emergency room and who is paying for that when they go to the emergency room for nothing. has a very important point. if somebody is uninsured and they have a major problem and are at risk of life or limb, they will be admitted to an emergency room. emergency rooms have to treat them. of course, for those people who are uninsured, they often cannot pay the full cost that the hospital has incurred. so all of us wind up picking up those costs at some point. a hospital cannot eat all those costs. so what hospital does -- and i'm not trying to say anything negative about the good hospitals across the country -- what the hospital and typically does is that the hospital in order to make up the cost of the they have provided to an uninsured person, when both of us who go to the hospital to ge
thinking of all the celebrity couples. angelina jolie and brad pitt, oprah and stedman. is it that we as human beings not in the public spotlight aren't perfect and we hope that they are imperfect, as well? >> you've got two people that have been married for years. you have their kids who look normal, who act normal. they're not running drugs or guns. i'm having a kid in three weeks. i hope my kid is as normal. let them do whatever they want. that's what matters. >> i think that you hit will the nail on the head, though, which is that there is something because i've written about this when it comes to successful women. we're okay if a woman is really successful as long as she's not really pretty and dresses well. >> what is wrong with that? >> look at the world that they live in. they're living in the hollywood elite a-listers. how many of those marriages last 16 years. >> thank you. that's a long time. >> i'm afraid we have a culture where we have to suspect that something terrible a going on behind the scenes. i say it's none of our business. >> i would date both of them, too. >> ev
like brad pitt standing in little black foot river casting for trout in "a river runs through it." back in montana we rely on these as an important part of our way of life. however, i'm here today to focus on a very significant benefit of our waterways, and that's hydropower. our waterways help power our homes that irgait our farms and ranches and they water our livestock. in montana about a third of our energy comes from hydropower, generating 1,100 megawatts a year. it will power nearly 600 homes, six of montana's 10 largest generating plants rupp on hydroelectric power. we're not here talking about streams and rivers. we're talking about man made canales and waterways. they've -- canals and waterways. the rural jobs act would allow each of these projects to generate more than 26 million kilo watts of power per hour. there is no reason red tape should tie up that much energy potential. this bill will help lower energy costs, create montana jobs and provide our nation with a sustainable, renewable source of energy. this is common sense. i believe that h.r. 678, the rural jobs act, is i
, sort of the lifetime achievement award. you can expect to see a lot of celebrities, brad pitt, zac efron, will farrell. it should be a lot of fun. >> and psy has new music out. david, always good to have you here. >> thanks. >> thank you very much. here's natalie. >> all right, thank you, matt. >>> moving on to what's up when it comes to celebrity news and jennifer paris is a reporter for "us weekly." good morning. >> good morning. >> starting out with baby news. we always like that. ivanka trump expecting her second. >> yeah, congratulations to the happy couple, expecting their second child sometime this fall. it will be the sixth grandchild for donald trump. so we're happy for them. and they announced it, i believe, on twitter. >> they did, yeah. >> that's how you make news these days. >> it seems that's the way celebrities are announcing their big news. fergie did it. so this is the way that celebrities are doing this, which is nice. >> donald trump saying he's extremely happy for them, is what he told them. >> right. >> gwyneth paltrow opening up in the newest issue of "harper
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)